Thursday, March 18, 2010

Birth in Aviation

Here goes my first ever blog, and it ought to start with those wonderful men and women who make aviation a flying dream.

Probably none of these ever helpful people would like their names to be published so openly here, so The Flying Engineer will be a guardian representative for each and every one of them. Here they are, in no particular order except the randomness of my mind:

1. Capt. AR : Airbus A330 / A320 / ATR-72 Captain
2. Capt. SK : Airbus A380/ B777/ B737NG
3. Capt. PC : Airbus A320 Captain
4. Capt. HSD : Airbus A320 Captain
5. Capt. DSD : Airbus A320 F/O, Embraer
6. Capt. RM : Boeing 737NG Captain
7. Capt. HK : Dassault Falcon 2000 F/O
8. Capt. RSR : Dassult Falcon 7x Captain
9. AT : ATR72-500 trainee F/O
10. PA : Beechcraft Kingair C-90A, TB-20
11. SJ : FMS developer, Airbus Family of FMS (A320/A340/A380/A350) with a major North American Avionics manufacturer
12. JH : manufactures 2 seater microlights
13. SR : Boeing 737 and ATR-72 AME
14. SY : Boeing 737 and ATR-72 AME
15. MEL : Boeing 757 AME
13: Myself (TFE) : Design Engineer with a North American Avionics Manufacturer, Aviation Journalist, Static Model collector, passionate instructor.

Although the tilt appears to be on Airbus, none of our opinions will be biased. After all, wings don't know who they're flying : an Airbus or a Boeing, or other?

Know that more than anything, this blog is for YOU, by me, of YOU. To every passionate individual out here, know that the dream to fly is fulfilled by the thrust to lift off the ground.



  1. Good one man! keep going, u earned ur first follower...

  2. Hey Vasuki!
    Great to see you living your dream so passionately! Wish you all luck and success in all your endeavors. And your passion is quite contagious..will follow u closely on this blog :)